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PA State Representative (Retired)

I am proud and honored to endorse my friend and political colleague, Rick Wilbur, for re-election as County Commissioner in Wyoming County. Rick has a proven track record of leadership and dedication. In my opinion, he is a superlative asset to the county and the people he serves.  

I had the opportunity to work with Rick when I first came into office 16 years ago. At that time, he was a township supervisor in Exeter Township.  During his tenure serving as Supervisor Chairman, he did a superb job handling constituent issues and township finances.  One of the highlights of his tenure (and my involvement as State Representative) was the handling of the devastating 2011 flood.  I will never forget touring on foot and by ATV with Rick and Senator Lisa Baker through the mud and destruction in Exeter Township. Our goal was to do whatever was needed to bring the community back better than before. Through his leadership and our support, residents were bought out, new residents moved in, roads were repaved, and a beautiful new park was built. As a matter of fact, we were able to work together with interested constituents to help the township evolve into a “Rivertown,” giving it the ability to attract tourists along the river.

When he took on the role as Commissioner Chairman, we worked together on even more projects and talked on the phone on a regular basis.  When COVID hit, he was an integral part of a task force I set up to get Wyoming County “opened back up.”  The dynamic dozen, as I called the group, began building back our community and its economy.  Millions of dollars came into Wyoming County and Rick led the way in setting up a grant program through DCED that passed out over $3 million to businesses and not-for-profits that were hurt so badly because of COVID restrictions.  Some other counties used a lot of these funds to bolster their budgets, but Rick got the backing of his fellow commissioners to help as many as they could.  He made sure that over 90% of the available funds were used as grants. (The remaining was used for expenses that were the direct result of COVID.)

Another example proving Rick’s tenacity is when he approached me to see if there was any way the county would be able to acquire the unused PA State Agriculture building in order to accommodate much needed office space. Otherwise, to build or rent would be cost prohibitive to the tax base. I took the idea to the Governor’s Office stipulating a county acquisition would be a WIN-WIN for the county and state. The county was thus able to negotiate a purchase price conducive to its budget, saving the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in the much needed county office expansion project. The legislature passed my bill unanimously. The bill was signed into law by Governor Wolf and the final closing will happen in the next few months when construction will begin for an addition needed to consolidate all county offices that are not in the Courthouse. Like many of Rick’s ideas that have come into fruition, this will be a major tax saving venture for the citizens of the county.

One disappointment for Rick was the closing of Tyler Hospital.  I know for a fact that he has worked tirelessly since the moment we were told it was closing, to find someone to continue operating Wyoming County’s only hospital.  I also know that he hasn’t given up and is working with federal officials to get higher reimbursement rates for Tyler that will make it much more attractive for a buyer.  He is still in talks with potential buyers as well as his fellow commissioners and state and federal officials.  From my years working with him and knowing how Rick refuses to give up, I truly believe he will make it happen.  

These are only a few highlights of the projects we have worked on together. He has done a lot more than this to make Wyoming County a better place to live. He is adept at putting our finances in order and, as a result, continues to prioritize the people he represents.  He has served as the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners for the past three years, and in spite of spiraling inflation, has not raised county property taxes or cut services. He proposed a plan to refinance the county’s $8 million bond issue that cost 4% a year and converted it to a bank loan costing 2%.  This saved the county $200,000 a year.  Every time I talk with him, he keeps telling me, “We’re still picking the low hanging fruit off that savings tree and there’s still a lot more left out there.” Knowing Rick, he will find it.

If you are looking for a candidate who is stalwart in putting the people he serves first, is extremely knowledgeable in county government, leads by example, is fiscally conservative and helps run the country as a “well oiled machine,” then vote for Rick Wilbur. He is a proven candidate who has earned your trust and deserves your vote on May 16, 2023. EXPERIENCE MATTERS!  

Karen Boback, PhD

Pennsylvania State Representative (Retired)

Eugene Peters

1415 Price Street

Scranton, PA  18504

To Wyoming County Voters:

I am writing in support of Rick Wilbur for re-election as Wyoming County Commissioner.

As a former two-term Mayor of Scranton, with deep and life-long roots in Wyoming County, I realize the importance of good leadership performed with integrity, knowledge and financial acumen.

I believe that Rick possesses these qualities and has demonstrated them as current Chairman of the Wyoming County Commissioners.  He has unveiled the proposed new budget and it contains neither a tax increase nor a cut in services.  This was apparently accomplished by utilizing his many years of accounting experience and applying those principles in leading the Wyoming County government.

We have discussed many of his ideas and I am confident that he deserves your support for a second term.


Gene Peters

Former Mayor, City of Scranton


Richard Witter

185 Taurus Lane

Mehoopany, PA  18629

To the Voters of Wyoming County:

As a lifetime citizen of our great Commonwealth county, I wish to express my deep appreciation and satisfaction of our First term Wyoming County Commissioner, RICK WILBUR. 

Rick was elected two years ago by a majority of votes after campaigning to hold the line on taxes and stopping continuing property tax increases.  He has done so as Chairman of the Board with good cooperation of other country elected officials and department heads. 

Rick's cost cutting initiatives and his ability to negotiate lower loan interest rates have made possible a balanced budget every year during his tenure.  In addition, his professional skills have shored up the County Pension to the tune of $700,000.

Rick's leadership also has gotten Senior Housing projects back on track after being delayed for over a decade.  He has led the county in the administration of over 4 million dollars of COVID funds with 90% getting to county businesses and  not for profit organizations serving county  citizens.

Thinking about all that can be accomplished with great leadership is truly amazing. I am personally proud of Mr. Wilbur and so pleased that he desires to be re-elected to serve all of us as County Commissioner for another term. 

I respectively ask that we back Rick as a candidate for his second term.  Please support Rick Wilbur and vote on Tuesday May 16, 2023 for his re-election. 


Dick Witter

Richard “Dick” Witter

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